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AoIP: Dante by Audinate

Love it. Simple. Just build your network properly.

We are what I would say is 3/4 the way through getting these facilities in a psuedo-complete state. The one thing that I think has been the most reliable is our audio network, Dante AoIP. Simple, efficient, and easy to maintain.  I need to do a count, but I am sure I have over 50 devices on this network/system.  I know I am not done.

The devices range for KDL modules in my SAS 32KD frame, to SAS Rio Bravos, and a multitude of Dante Virtual Sound Cards (DVS).  Using the Dante Controller application makes it very easy to setup, configure, and maintain.  After putting all this fun stuff together I decided to visit the Audinate site and check with their online information.  I decided to go through the steps and check out the training.  I did all this just this past weekend.  The end result: I have a Dante Level 2 certification.

I hope to catch up and spend time on some details on why I chose Dante, and how I implemented it.  For now, know that I am a pleased Audinate Dante customer.


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NAB Show 2014 Recap

Coming up on a month out and I have not even done a recap of the NAB Show! Well, that’s because most of the wanderings I did had to do with actual business this year. Odd, but true. I really could have used a third day this year as I did not even make it to the South Hall!!! Nor did I visit my friends at GoPro or DJi. Now that is what I call busy.

What I did see was the cool stuff that you probably already know about through trades or hearsay. I like the new Nautel GV series transmitters. Harris is also looking good and stepping up a bit. This time I was actually talking STL equipment with them. The Alliance had their share of stuff, and all they need to do now is make transmitters since they seem to do everything else. As you can tell if you have read this far, nothing really jumped out at me at this point. I did have a nice demonstration of the Tieline offering: the Codec Lounge. A very good concept and we discussed possible ways of making it even better. Maybe I’ll get a demo/beta version to try out. I also heard about the SAS Virtual Console of which I will get to see shortly. I have some ideas for this.

Of course on the Radio side of life is talk of HD Radio. HD this, HD that. As we progress with this technology I see more and more use of it as a data transport more so than audio. Traffic, weather, album art, artist and title. Wonder what else we can squeeze into 96kb, or 128kB? Did I get to see any demos? No. I saw a couple of cars out front, though. The one thing that stood out to me is that different manufacturers are offering different radios that do different things. My new Mazda6 has HD, but it does not do album art; it does everything else. A hand full of aftermarket have displays for everything, but there are many that do not. Will there ever be a “standard?”

Along the lines of STL’s (that’s Studio to Transmitter Links for the acronym challenged) I’m seeing more in the IP transport arena. We are actually researching upgrading our aural STLs to an IP based system for two reasons, flexibility and flexibility. Audio over IP on a private network is just fine these days and for a backup to anything else it is great. With all the data we push around with IP based remote controls and addressable transmitter equipment, the added flexibility of IP makes life much more simple. For audio I was looking a the Tieline and Worldcast gear. As for a system we are looking into the licensed 8, 11, etc. Gig radios and broadband data. Let’s see how that pans out over the year.

As we move forward what did you see that excited you at the show? Overall, not too much jumped out at me. Yet, on the face-to-face time, it was a very good show. Maybe next year I can get an extra day to see the other world of cool stuff in the South Hall.

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