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False Issues

May 26, 2021

So, all I’ve been hearing this week is how a programmer thinks a station doesn’t sound as loud as its sister station. Our tech director keeps claiming it has an issue. I sit back an observe the stupidity going around regarding this situation.

First, the measurements of said station says its modulation level is just fine. Compared to all the stations I’ve listen too in the area, it is right with them in level.

The station that is louder is over modulated. I have no prove or measurements as it is “taken care of by our other engineer”. It is overly loud. I know this from experience. It is also very fatiguing. Yet, the programmer wants this station to sound like this awful sounding station.

Add the fact that the station which is “not up to par” is the #1 station in the market makes the decision to mess it up even harder to swallow. This station has been #1 for some time. I don’t count holiday music time.

So, the other day I observe the replacement of the processor. The station has no level what so ever. Notice I did not write “whatsoever”. Turns out said processor does not really process the AES output audio, and if it does, it has absolutely no peak control. I refrain from mentioning manufacturers on this for now. And, yes, on two stations we have processing at the studio, so audio is sent to the site versus a composite feed. Yet, they claim the station is not as loud as the other AES audio fed station. Both have identical air chains from start to finish. Audio levels measured on my Inovonics tuners show identical levels. Go figure. In my opinion the station is just fine.

What are your feelings on this? Educate a programmer or just continue to chase the tail? Right now I am just sitting back and watching the fun. The tech boss is adamant the processor has an issue. The other engineer just plays because it is something cool to do plus he wants to the be hero if something works. This is what our business has come down to. The experienced people have moved on and we are left with those who just don’t get it. Or am I too stubborn?


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  1. Matt
    May 27, 2021 at 06:57

    Ahhh , The radio programmer, it’s funny how
    the programmer knows more than the station engineer but that radio broadcasting. Alot of this nonsense is the programmer has a huge ego , the leader of the station, the master of the market…😂🤣
    As a side note, the radio engineering talent pool has become much smaller over the years
    Hang in there Bill

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