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GatesAir FMXi 4g Metadata

March 19, 2021

Metadata. Title, Artist, Album information. Artist Experience. PSD. Data. All data. Different names for data. What can be so difficult about that? Everything. Format, type, destination, were it comes from. The FMXi says you don’t have to do much to get it working. Well, I beg to differ.

I will start with the easiest form of data used in HD, program data. This is known to some, all, few, as PSD, Program Service Data. Basically it is Title, Artist, and Album information. Nothing special, though different devices accept different formats. Today, the formatting is pretty much standard. According to GatesAir one can send PSD data to any of the three NICs on the FMXi. The network interfaces are labeled as Management, E2X, and PSD/IMP. Each is separate and the device is its own switch and router. Easy enough. To keep things simple and create a standard I chose to send the data to the PSD/IMP interface. Gosh, PSD is in its name, so why not use it.

First be aware that none of the three network interfaces can live on the same subnet. I tried to configure the PSD/IMP NIC to reside on the same subnet as the E2X. Before this device I had my Importer and Exporter living on the same network. Flat network. Simple. To make this installation a bit easier, our IT made a subnet which is basically the metadata subnet. Arctic Palm and JumpGate reside on this network and worked prior to the advent of the FMXi, so logic dictates to send this data to an interface on this same subnet. Guess what. Did not work. Some digging to do and from the Arctic Palm computer I can ping this new port. Yeah. Double checked port assignments. HD1 PSD data default is 11000. Easy enough, we are using the defaults. Nothing. Hold up. What?

Shoot, let’s try to send it the data to the Management NIC. By the way, this is also known as the WAN interface within the FMXi, so it creates a bit of confusion. I call it the house network, or management port. I know the interface works for the Web GUI or how else would I be able to configure the device? Send data there, I say. Nope. Not. Or as I like to say, Nicht, Nein. OK, remember my last post about routing tables and ARP? Let’s check them out! And, of course, all checks out. Arctic Palm and the JumpGate IP addresses show up in the table and references the proper subnet. Routing? Should not be an issue. Devices and interfaces configured to be on same subnet. Devices show in ARP table.

Let’s try the E2X interface. OK. A simple change again to the devices delivering the data. PSD shows! As my daughter likes to say, and I guess many teens these day do, wait, what? The routing table doesn’t show any “new” gateway. IP resides on same network. It works. Hold on a moment. The PSD/IMP interface is configured to be on same subnet as the devices delivering the data. Said devices show in ARP table. Not data. E2X interface works? Same with the management interface. I now conclude the claim that PSD can be sent to any of the three ports is false. Unless there is some firewall thing talking place on our network, there should not be an issue here. Side note, our network is so complex that only 1 person in our building knows at least part of it, but will not share with the rest of us. I prefer to keep things simple.

Time to move onto Artist Experience. Believe it or not, we got this one working before the PSD! At the start we did not get the data to flow properly, but after a little poking around we tried something that is not suggested at in the FMXi manual. Though the JumpGate which aggregates this information is on the “metadata” subnet and has access to the outside world to retrieve the artwork, etc, as we found out with PSD it did not get to the FMXi. This one was a bit different, and since we knew it had something to do with the outside world, it was back to the routing table. The decision was made to add a “catch all” default route. In the table it was time to add a destination address of, a netmask of, the gateway to the outside world which happens to be on the management interface and subnet. Once this was done, Artist Experience was on the radio. Simple fix, but not the most intuitive.

BTW, based on the FMXi interface configuration, the unit will define a “system” route based on IP configured. If you have the management interface configured for, the netmask will be Or if you configured it static and chose a mask of to keep it manageable, then that would show. The gateway for all these would be By doing our “fix” we created a default type route which seemed to make the unit happy with Artist Experience. Maybe if more digging is done the route table could be manipulated such that PSD could be used on any interface. The issue is the manual does not say that. It does not suggest that. We make the notes so we know how to put the next one in.

I suggest if/when you install the FMXi 4g you brush up on the networking skills. If you have a simple network, the better. Unfortunately you cannot configure the three interfaces to live on the same subnet, so if you do keep a simple network, you will not have to configure all three, but you will want to configure the management interface as that is your Web GUI, and you will need your E2X interface configured to ship that stream to your Exgine. I do like the built in diversity delay and it seems to be holding, so that is nice. Good luck. I hope this information helps you install and troubleshoot the FMXi. Maybe in some firmware update GatesAir will include simple diagnostics, like Ping, to help verify network settings and routes.


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