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Tin Whiskers Revisited

December 19, 2013

A while back I posted on the subject of Tin Whiskers. I also discussed the basics of what I found at that time on This Week in Radio Tech podcast. (episode 145 to be exact)  Well, wouldn’t you know that the November issue of Electronic Design has an article on that same topic!  Very cool.  Article Link Here.  You will also note a side box with other articles on the same subject.

This particular article gives more detail on what they are and how they grow.  There are even pictures.  I think this is pretty fascinating stuff and can explain some of your unknown issues with electronic devises, especially those made after the elimination of lead based solder.

Note in the article some of the failures in another side box:  Stable short-circuits in low-voltage systems, transient short-circuits (ah, the intermittent issue), and the best of all Plasma-arcing in a vacuum!  The last one is reported what caused three commercial satellites to fail.  Now that is some serious, and expensive failures.

Enjoy the read.  I did.


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