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Burk: ARCPlus, PlusConnect-NV, and AutoLoad Plus

There is something very satisfying when helping a fellow engineer solve an issue.  It is also nice to think that a manufacturer would recommend making the contact due to past experience with their equipment and associated equipment.  In this case Nautel directed said engineer to make contact since I am familiar with the NV line of transmitters and the Burk ARCPlus line of products.  In fact, the Nautel tech sent me the initial email, then everything flowed from there.  Apparently, and I knew this, there is a multiplier issue with Burk and meter readings of the Nautel NV series transmitters via the PlusConnect device.

A while back I noticed after a firmware update that I was no longer getting the proper Reflected Power reading from my transmitters.  I have 2 NV20s.  No changes of decimal places seemed to make a difference.  Working with Burk technicians we determined there was a multiplier issue withing the system.  As a work-around we used an unused channel to take the reading, and then used a Virtual source on the channel on which all my units displayed the readings (ARCPlus, AutoPilot Plus, etc).  This solution worked and all was good.  I assumed that any future update would correct this issue.

Then came this contact.  I immediately recognized the situation as being similar.  Reflected Power reading and this time Reject Power.  I suggested to do the work-around and see if it made a difference.  I was glad to hear from him this morning that it did, but he had another channel that was doing something odd, the PA Temp reading was a 4 digit number and changing the decimal places in AutoLoad made the reading go out of range; the dreaded 99.99 reading.  As this was not a channel I normally monitor, I gave it a shot to see what I would get.  Sure enough the raw reading was coming back as 3613 and 3684 on my respective transmitters.  I thought that this was a good number, but the decimal place was off, so I changed the decimal setting in AutoLoad.  Sure enough the ARCPlus was now reading 99.99!  I tried a decimal setting of 000.0 from 00.00 and then I got a -999.9!  Sure enough there is an issue with a multiplier.  In this case it was TOO BIG, so I decided to take the raw reading on a spare channel.  I then changed the metering channel I wanted to read to a Virtual source and divided the raw reading by 100 which displayed the result of 36.13 for the first transmitter.  As it is a temperature in unites of Celsius, this reading on a reject is good.

Phew. Of course I called Burk and filled them in.  Off to the programmers to see what is up.  In any case, if you have a setup like this and your reading is too low and you know what it should look like, the solution is to create a channel that is a virtual source.  In my case the expression entered:  M256*1000.  Translated to take meter reading on Channel 256 and multiply by 1000.  On the PA temp the expression entered for the virtual source:  M255/100.  Translates to take the meter reading on Channel 255 and divide it by 100.

If you have this issue, fix it by doing this manual multiplier/divider thinking.  All you are doing is what the program should be doing when changing the decimal places setting.  Burk is aware of this issue.  As I copied my Nautel contact, they are aware of this issue, too.  Happy troubleshooting!


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