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Equipment Testing Is Fun

I like to test equipment. I like to see if something does as advertised. I also like to see if it fits into our broadcast environment and whether it should be recommended to others. Though time consuming, some days or weeks are free to have fun. Let’s do it!

As posted in my Tweets, I got the play with the new Tieline Technology Merlin Plus codec. I had two things that piqued my interest: 6 mono simultaneous IP streams and the Opus algorithm. The box proved worthy on both accounts. I await a blog post from yours truly on the Tieline blog. As soon as it appears I will link to it.

Next on the bench is a continued test on the 25-Seven PDM. I’ve had the precision delay awhile and have been testing it for HD diversity delay control. I had a couple of suggestions. Well, since then, they made the changes. These changes required a firmware update. That firmware updated required a hardware change. So, I sent the test box back, it got it’s guts replaced, the firmware updated, and now it is burning in on the bench. I soon will be poking at it to make sure it does what I expect it to do. I will write more on that when I get it back in service.

In the past I’ve done Field Reports for Radio Magazine and Radio World. I hope those who have equipment they want to test out in the field read this because I enjoy poking at the new stuff. Now only if I can afford to purchase some of these things! That’s a whole different story.

If you have any equipment that you are interested in learning about, please ask, and I will give you my honest opinion.

Have a great weekend.


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