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What Apps Do You Use?

Happy Friday All!

Yeah, this is some filler stuff, but it crossed my mind and I wonder what apps you use for your work.  There are some apps that I use daily, and others are available when I need them.  All my apps are Android as I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone and an Asus tablet.  If you have i-apps, I bet you have some good one there.  So, here is my list:

DroidEdit Pro:  This is on my tablet.  I use this to edit web pages on the fly and as a text editor if necessary.  The pro version has FTP support built into the app and if you use Dropbox (I don’t) it will connect with that.

ElectroDroid:  I use this as a reference.  Comes in very handy.  If I see myself using it more I will purchase the full, pro, version.

Evernote:  Daily use.  I love this service.  The app works well, though I think their interface can be a bit better.  It syncs to all my devices, so I am a happy camper.  Having notes that I take at the office available at a transmitter site has been invaluable.  I’ve had calls while out and about and I have the information handy.  Invaluable.

GPS Essentials:  A new app I am playing with is handy.  Compass and GPS information.  Still in the eval stage.

HootSuite:  Yup, this is where I post to my Twitter feed and catch up on those I follow.  I do not use Facebook that much, so that part doesn’t help.  Now if they added a Google+ feed that would be awesome.

OpenSignal:  We do a lot of 4G LTE broadcasts.  Yes, we do.  We have one today.  When out in the field checking on broadcast sites, I whip out the phone and use this app to tell me all the information about where the cell tower I’m connected with is, whether it’s 3G or 4G, data rate, voice quality, and mapping.  This app has improved over the years and continues to serve as a useful tool.

RealCalc Plus:  Paid version of RealCalc.  This is a very handy scientific calculator.  If I do not have my trusting HP with me, this fills in nicely.

Report-IT:  Of course I had to add this.  We are a Tieline shop for our remote codecs.  This app we have on our Apples and Androids.  It has saved us much time and effort on some multi-location, single venue events.

RF Terrain Profile:  I just found this one and testing the free version.  This looks useful for a quick evaluation of STL paths.  It gives you the profile of the path and you can add a link budget.  The paid version allows import and export to a KML file for use in Google maps/Earth.  It shows the first Fresnel zone on the profile.

SatelliteAR:  I had this about 4 devices ago. This is an awesome satellite tracker, finder, and then some.  I use it to track the ISS, too!  If you need a rough way to point a satellite dish, this will help tremendously.

Shush!:  How many meetings do you go into and set your phone to vibrate or silence?  How many times do you forget you did that?  This app is awesome.  You use your phone’s volume control and set either silence or vibrate.  Then you set the time, e.g. 2 hours, and click Shush!  After 2 hours, the phone will go back to normal volume settings.

Smith Chart Matching Calc:  I have not had a real use for this, but it doesn’t hurt to have in the arsenal, especially if you work on AM arrays.

Splashtop2 Remote Desktop:  A great find by our IT dude.  Remotely access all your necessary computers via phone or tablet and operate them as if you were sitting right there in front of the machine.  I can check up on our main remote control computer for an overall look, access my Importers, and of course my work desktop if I need something on that.  Good stuff.

Ulysse Gizmo:  Another GPS compass that I’ve use for years and it just gets better with upgraded devices as the GPS receivers in said devices get better.  Compass, speedometer, GPS status, bubble level, clinometer, magnetometer, map viewer, etc.  With this you don’t  need to carrier that GPS device with you any longer.

Weatherbug:  I keep bouncing between weather apps, but always come back to this one.  I would settle on Weather Underground, but that one seems to really slow my device, so back to this.  The upgraded interface is nice and covers all my weather needs.

WolframAlpha:  Just becuse!  Have you every used this?  It is very cool and fun, in a geek way.  Check it out.

I have the whole Google Suite thing going for me, too.  All the obvious with GMail and Maps, but I also use Voice and Sky Map.  I just started getting into the Google Now thing.  So far it is pretty good, but very basic.  Not the most useful stuff, yet.  I know they will start tracking me more as I use it.

There you have it.  A bunch of apps that I have on my Android devices that help with my work.  I know there are others, so feel free to suggest more.  I’m always looking for improvements and upgrades.


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