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Where’s My Alesis iO Mix?

Earlier this year  well right before the NAB convention to be exact, we placed an order for an Aleis iO Mix 4-channel mixer for the iPad.  We wanted to test it out thinking it would be an interesting fit for live recording and possible remote broadcast applications.  I found out yesterday that Alesis has not even started production.  It is on their website, iO Mix 4-Channel Audio Interface.  No product?

Here is how I understand the story:  Alesis builds a “prototype” and displays the product at the NAMM convention in January.  They post it on their website.  They wait for interest in said product.  If there is enough interest, then they will run production on it.

I call BS on this approach and on Alesis.  Would it make more sense to run a limited number and get some in the field?  Would it not make sense to have people use it and determine if there is a future in the product?  How can I talk to a manufacturer about maybe letting the software of the mixer integrate with their app for a very small, and possibly beautiful, remote broadcast package?

Waiting a few months for a product is bad enough, but to wait for something they may not even make is absurd.  It almost feels like I am being ripped off.  If you have manged to see this product or know of it, I sure would like to  hear from you.  What uses do you foresee if someone actually made something like this?



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