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Break-Through, Breaking, Broke, Fixed

That sums up this week.  Break a few things, get good news on an old issue, and fixing stuff.  That’s my life.

Cleaning up is my number one To-Do this week and I can walk into my office now.  Hall cleared, office cleaned up, and Station Logs files for 2013 are made.  (year, really.)  As we progress I got to cleaning up my remote control situation even more and creating automated tasks with macros.  This turned into a 2 day exercise as I had a chat with my pals at Burk Technology with some questions when I find out they posted updates for the ARC Plus firmware, now at, and AutoPilot 2010, officially 2.8.4.  Not resisting something “new” I had to update.  All went well except for 2 ARC Plus units.  The configurations I saved prior to the update messed them up when loaded back in!  Doh!  To quote Homer.  I figured that out and loaded configurations I had saved last week when I made a couple of macro changes.  Lesson learned:  Save that configuration as soon as you make a change!  Now I can proceed with some more macro building and some JET flowchart learning.  Yeah, I’m lagging on that.

The break-through is from RCS and our on-going NexGen v. Sage Endec IP control issue.  WE CAPTURED AN EVENT!  I received and email and RCS is working on code to install within NexGen to more closely evaluate why NexGen did not respond to the incoming alert.  We await this little update to the A-serves.  I ask again, anyone else out there doing IP control between NexGen and Sage?  I wish I knew a bit more of the inner workings of this system.  On the other hand I would not want to see that internal road map as the software in its basic form has been around for years!

Broke:  AT&T.  Nuff said?  We’ve had a series of T1 failures.  Some responded to quickly, others just lie in wait to annoy us.  I would suspect our Moseley equipment, but history proofs otherwise.  I do wish Moseley had a better self monitoring system, but the equipment is older and we are looking at upgrading to newer systems.  Bottom line is it sucks to not have line-of-site to transmitter sites so I can use a reliable microwave STL, I want a new 11GHz system so bad with a large bandwidth!  I can dream, can’t I?

As things settle down, other than AT&T, I am now going to sweep the studios and clean up some dust bunnies.  I think I have a battery replacement on an UPS due, too.  Love the holidays!


PS: Glossary for those new to this stuff:

STL = Studio Transmitter Link.  Conversely TSL = Transmitter Studio Link, the opposite path.  In radio we are mostly concerned with getting audio to the transmitter site.  In this modern world with data, along with monitoring/metering, the return path is for this information.

11GHz = 11 Giga Hertz microwave systems, is the band that carries audio, data.  “Classic” STLs are in the 950MHz band with limited bandwidth.  For comparison, 802.11 WiFi routers run in the 2.4GHz band with wireless N also in the 5GHz band.  Wireless mice and keyboards are also in the 2.4GHz band.


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