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End of Year Routine?

So, we are wrapping up the year. Can’t spend any more money. Folks are heading out on vacation. What do you do?

Once again let’s keep things organized! I tend to clean up the shop. I make sure my documentation is straight. I have a couple of shots of whiskey. Oh, wait, well, you know….. Much of this is tedious work, but should be done. Shoot, drop “should” and make that a “MUST” be done. I find having my documentation up to date make troubleshooting easier when it is necessary. I know you hear this time and time again, but DO IT!

The most frustrating thing I find is since more than one of use does something, it does not get documented. This is because I am anal about it, to a point, while those around me are not. Of course when it comes to troubleshooting, I pick up the binder and use it while the others do not. Annoying. Plus keep the documents up to date helps refresh your memory of what was done. It is a habit which must be learned, but it sure pays off when you get a good one and a quick repair or work-around is needed.

Start you end-of-year clean up and be ready for next year!


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