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Tin Whiskers

I was poking around the web during lunch and came across one of my favorite sites, EE Web.  While browsing down the page I saw this blog/article post on Tin Whiskers.   (For those looking for humor: I almost wrote Whiskey!)

Anyone ever run into an issue with tin whiskers?  I know some manufacturers that have.  The issue one had was between a PCB and a shield assembly.  Over time with the help of dust the whiskers grew until they shorted with the shield.  The solution was to make the gap between PCB and shield wider.  Knowing that this can happen and if you start seeing intermittent oddities with a piece of equipment, check for tin whiskers.  Blasting air will clean out the dust and any other catalyst, but it will not prevent regrowth.

EE Web is a great resource for electrical engineering articles and tools.  Very easy to navigate.  Do you have a favorite site?  Pass it along and I will publish it.


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