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Travels, Work, and More Work

Wow, it seems to be forever since I posted.  Forgive that.  I bet you expect juicy details on super secret stuff.  Well, not exactly.  Recently I did travel, and since being back I have been busy.  Shoot, I was busy before the travel.  Does work get in the way of vacation or does vacation get in the way of work?  Will we ever know?

Vacation was great.  Part of that was to visit the Elenos factory in Italy.  I enjoyed meeting the crew out there and talking shop.  What I saw was quite impressive and the dedication and passion behind the product is amazing.  With that we may see Elenos become a player in the transmitter market, so stay tuned.  From what I understand I may be receiving one to test.  Did I mention they did win a Cool Stuff award at NAB this year?

Of course I get back from vacation, IT Dude goes on vacation.  This always equals some trouble.  In this case it is Marketron vs. Windows 7 and a Ricoh printer.  After a whole week, we still cannot print from the new machines.  They print locally, but not through Marketron.  I think I am overlooking something that IT Dude will notice right off.  That is the true difference of dealing with something day-to-day versus only on occasion.

Do I dare mention the Harris Flexstar?  I should write a whole post on just this.  Yes, I continue to have Exciter muting issues, though not as bad as before.  To make a long story short, we know for a fact that the Flexstar cannot handle too much data.  It bogs down and eventually chokes.  The only way to recover from the mute is to reboot.  I wired up my remote control to the Flexstar restart input.  This is pin 13 on the Remote User Interface of the Flexstar itself.  A contact to ground and the Flexstar will perform and cold boot.

I have been fine tuning my Burk ARC Plus installation and utilizing the AutoPilot program a bit more.  Now if we can only get Burk to support SNMP within the ARC Plus removing the need for AutoPilot they may be on to something.  In the meantime I have created a fine custom view that shows the basics of all my transmitter sites.  Attached to the touch screen monitor, all it takes is a touch of the screen to execute a function like STL switching or rebooting the Flexstar exciter.  In addition I am utilizing SNMP with my Eaton-Powerware UPS’s by adding a network management card to the UPS.  Currently four are up and running and I monitor on AutoPilot input and output voltage, UPS load, time remaining, and battery charge level.  As I learn more about SNMP I may have status notifications if a self test fails or whatever else I can find!

Maybe my next post will get into some dirty details.  If there is a subject you wish to see covered, drop me a line.


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