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Summary of Life

Oh there is so much to write about.  I’ve been on vacation, and now back this week to much to do.  Twitter has been good for updates.  I sure would like to drill down and give you guys some substance, but here we are summarizing the fun we have had this week.

HVAC.  Finally, after 6 or so years, we have air conditioning at our Class A transmitter site.  The R2D2 type units just were not cutting it and when I had the vendor out to get the quote, one of the units would not stay on.  Now that the new unit is in, the room is consistent and hopefully will be much cleaner as it is a closed system.  We had a Fujitsu 2.5 ton split system installed.  It is quiet; almost too quiet.  The residence at the house will appreciate that.  It is rated at 19 SEARS, so it is efficient.  Let’s see how efficient over time.  Check that off the list.

I received my RF load for a station that had one under-sized since the HD installation.  That needs to go.  The thing showed up the day before I left on vacation.  I will squeeze that in shortly.  Should be straight forward.  Of course I plan on making the project a bit more complicated as the RF coax switch on that station needs to be rotated 90 degrees as the interlocks do not line up properly with the controller, position-wise.  Now that will be fun.  Drop switch, rotate it, and make plumb again.

New Avaya phone system was installed.  Some minor adjustments are required, but we had the first phones up and running 1 hour after the old system was turned off.  We’re good.  I congratulate the IT dude on his planning and the folks at GSolutionz for providing a good installation experience.  Can’t wait to play with the new features.  I do have one thing we are attempting to solve:  Connecting the system to the Telos 2101.  I have Green, but I do not have the numbers and the two systems are not quite talking with each other.  I’m waiting for a call from Telos now (been 2 hours already) on the error codes that are showing so I can get the techs to adjust the Avaya to provide what Telos needs.  Anyone else connect a phones system to the Telos?  Any luck, trouble, solutions?

I continue to find the time to run tests and evaluate the Orban 8600.  Stay tuned for a user report somewhere.  Hint:  I like it.  Now will Omnia step up and let me dig on that one?

I continue to rotate 6 year old Aphex 230 processors through as they fail.  All the same vintage and all getting capacitors replaced.  I am still not told which ones, but at least I know they get recalibrated when sent in for service.  Believe it or not, one unit had a tube replaced.  I need to dig up the type and get a couple replacements in house.  My oldest is 7 years old.

Keeping busy is good.  Makes the days fly by.  If there is a subject you would like to hear about, let me know.  I appreciate all comments, good and bad.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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