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Busy Is Good, Too Good?

I realized I did not update last week. The highlight was an AT&T pole that came down removing Telco service for 3 site users.  We faired well as our T1 stayed active, but dial-tone, audio for client, and other data went down.  On top of that we had a root-kit invade a VoxPro machine (thanks guys), and a file corruption on an Audition machine. Between Jeremy and myself we cleaned that right up.  We were one hand short, too.

We continue our busy schedule with a failed R2D2 air conditioner and much to-do planning our big NexGen migration. I also have orders in for the EAS-CAPS upgrade. The ball is rolling and soon won’t be able to stop.  I have been working with Burk Technologies to upgrade our 20 year old ARC-16 units. I am redesigning the system.

Speaking of redesign I have been working up options for a new server room to house the RCS system. It is changing constantly, but finally coming to light. I like the Vision blocks from Middle Atlantic as that is making things easier. I discovered I do not like their RackTools application. It seems lacking. I was hoping for something that smoothly let’s me change between front and side views, but nothing ever lines up nor can I rotate an accessory like a power strip.

Work is scheduled for this weekend as I engineer one of our live broadcasts. This sure is turning into a busy year! 


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