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USB to Serial Crash

Have you run into this fine crash on a Windows XP computer using an USB-to-Serial converter: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL? 
Not a nice thing as it restarts the computer.  Had it happen on our SAS RCS  computer thus causing a slight panic when timed automation events stopped running.  The error refers to the ser2pl.sys driver as the cause. 

So far I have not found any solutions to this and it is a random occurrence (3 times in 9+ months).  My next attempt will most likely be a different manufacturer of said USB to Serial device. 

The other interesting point is how much broadcast related equipment and processes still require the tried and true serial port and how many, like all, computers do not come with one; thus, forcing us to use these converters as manufacturers catch up and make IP based control and monitoring the norm. 

Another one of those “all in a days work” thing.  A simple reboot to make sure all is restored and running is all it takes. 

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