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NAB Convention Preview

Well, not really a preview as I have not really seen anything new. I attend the Nautel User Group (NUG) meeting this morning.  I will have to say I did not come out of it with new new knowledge, but did receive some reinforcment knowledge.  Most of that came from Mr. Jeff Welton.  After lunch was at was supposed to be an in-depth view of the AUI, and again it de not move me. It turned out to be a showing of AUI changes and development. To me I felt a bit underwhelmed.  Love the product, but not impressed by what is being worked on.

As I think of my strategy for tomorrow, I thing it will be humbling and tediuous. I need to look at the NexGen product as that is the system being mandated. I will dig a bit and see what I like and dislike. I have certain expectations which I think will not be fulfilled.

I want to visit Burk Technology and look at their latest remote control system. With that I will visit Audemat ad see their offering though I have seen and heard horror stories. I do like their concept which falls in line with that of Davicom, another vendor I wish to visit. That will round out the day.

If I see or hear anything of interest I will surely pass it on.

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