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Weekly Update 1/28/2011

Once again another week winds down.  No major work is planned on Fridays.  How about you?  Do you start anything new on a Friday?

Anyways, we had a good week.  We attacked our first Nautel NV20 modification.  Having the earliest boxes off the line, we get to do field modifications to match the current generation of transmitters.  Ours are now two years old and running great.  The modifications this week are the AUI/controller cooling fan and the PA modifications.  If you have a box without the PA modification, definitely contact Nautel and get the instructions for it:  IS10001 is the document number.  Our DC-RF efficiency as indicated on the transmitter went from 56% to 70%.  We dropped the PA volts down from 45.7V to 33.8V.  Even the controller ambient temperature dropped from near 38C to 27C.  I cannot wait to take care of the second transmitter.

We did a real world “test” and live segment using the Tieline Field Unit and a new Verizon LTE modem.  We purchased a CradlePoint CTR500 3G/4G router and downloaded beta software “engineering release” for the unit.  The USB modem supplied by Verizon is the Pantec ULM290.  I tweeted earlier in the week, or was that last week, during a bench test we reliably connected the Tieline at 192kbps and took data hits based on movement and proximity to the antenna.  Otherwise it was rock solid.  In the real world, we ran the same 192kbps.  Again one data hit during the segment.  We were in a crowd of people smashed into a burger place.  Nice and clean with little latency on the network:  60ms.  Couple that to the Tieline encoder latency of 70ms and you have a winner.  3G uses the latency ranged from 250ms to over 1s at times.  We will continue to look into this as the future of remote, live broadcasts is changing rapidly and the need for a licensed RPU is becoming less of a requirement.  Then again, in our city and RPU is only good if you have many receiving points.  Terrain is a killer!

A note to Tieline:  Upgrade your USB interface to allow a direct connection with a USB modem for LTE!  Built in would be real nice, as they say.  Maybe even create a little WiFi hot spot with your device to route talent laptops with built-in QOS to favor the broadcast stream.  Just a thought.  I know, it’s only money!

I checked in with a subcarrier client.  It is a shame they cannot get some cleaner equipment.  Anyways, a basic clean up job eliminating the need of a second mixer with poor mic-pre’s.  I told them to retire their main mic and they came up with an SM58 which actually sounded much better than the old SM7 that was falling apart.

Ending the week with a Radiothon for St. Jude’s Cancer Research Center for Children.  What a great cause.  I love our SAS and the ability to create the “remote” from our conference room.  We aren’t like certain unnamed (CCR) companies that have a “performance” space.  We just aren’t big enough.

Next week I look forward to talking with Studer  and the product development manager to discuss, of all things, consoles.  Should be interesting.  Anyone else ever volunteer to spread knowledge?  It is rewarding.  It is not always about money.  Be a good guy sometime.

Have a safe and trouble free weekend!


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