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Preparing The Studio

We are building a new studio on the cheap. I use cheap as a relative term as it is a tight budget with some high-ticket items, e.g. we picked up our SAS Rubicon SL consoles this week, the studio is an IAC enclosure, the HVAC is a Liebert. After this it is relatively cheap.

First issue will be noise from the HVAC for the producer who participates on the air. We did not have money to “enclose” him. A minor issue, but a concern none-the-less. We have ideas to minimize the noise. Insulation from Home Depot is one of them. The other is my purchase of Primacoustic panels. We will see how this works.

The second issue is sources into the SAS system. I have two RioLinks and I plan to use nearly all inputs and outputs. Though the producer is separate, instead of two independent “rooms” and consoles we are installing a “split” console setup. One SL-24 and one SL-8 essentially creating a 32-channel console. The producer’s SL-8 will have it’s own monitoring controls, but is able to feed air directly and work as a production workstation while on air. We begin configurations next week.

Third issue is lack of multi-pair plenum into the space. 200-feet of plenum 25-pair cable was not in the budget. My solution here is, once again, SAS. As most of the need for the multi-pair is control I opted to install a SAS GPI-1600 in the TOC and utilize the RioLinks’s Optos and relays to control such things as the LED sign controller. The other main item to be controlled is the profanity delay. Now all this information will be on the fiber between the RioLink and 32KD frame.

As this project now moves into the installation stage, we will see where it goes.  Would you believe we had to install temporary 4-foot fluorescent fixtures in the studio?  If you have read any of my tweets you know the city also bent us over backwards with close to $4k in permit fees.  Now that the carpet is in and we are about to receive final inspection from the city I look forward to finishing this thing up.  I still have more electrical work to perform and a bit of creativity to come in making everything work smoothly.  I hope it is all worth the effort of which I am receiving very little credit.

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