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Interesting Approach to Digital Media

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WOR to lanuch a digital, on-line only, station.  I find this an intriguing use of resources.  Why?  How many GM’s and owners are afraid to “lose” audience to other media?  Many!  They are afraid they will lose ratings.  Guess what folks you need to re-think how you make money and ratings is not among them.  If Buckley can make money running a stream, then I think they can make money on radio without relying on ratings.  Re-train advertisers on what they are buying:  Points? Ratings?  Product?  Content? 

Do you buy from a Target or a Walmart because of ratings and how they rank in some way?  No.  You buy from them because they have what you want or need at a competitive price. 

What do advertisers “need”?  Ratings?  No, they need an audience and a brand which to attach.  

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