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HVAC: What?

The question of the day is why do HVAC contractors seem so “secretive” of their trade? Sure us broadcast engineers are good at learning these things, but do they skirt the issue at times?
This one is an interesting situation. The building does not want 24 hour units on their system. We added our own thermostat, but we are on the building water system. Our lease says the building is responsible, but we contract service as they are more responsive. If you read the posts of last night it was fun. Up, down, up, down. What?

The point is no one knows the exact cause, so we do a little here and a little there. We find the trap was installed wrong. Repaired. It worked all night! We noticed the back pressure is too high, so a 2nd return duct is being added. Building water is good. I say, ” watch the controller board, it may be failing.” A day later the comment is blurted, “it could be the controller.”

What? We are all professionals and yet no one listens to the other. The “you don’t do this stuff” attitude comes out and pisses me off. One thing I can do is trouble shoot. I feel I’m pretty good at it. If I make a valid comment acknowledge it. If I’m off the wall say so. We are always learning.

Does this happen to you?

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