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Harris Flexstar Update 6/17/2010

So for all waiting with baited breath on an update regarding the Flexstar situation here.  I installed a beta update to the “loaner” Flexstar exciter back in May.  Guess what?  We’ve been on the air continuously since the update and the diversity delay has be quite stable.  Check with Harris and try to get an idea of when they plan to release this version.  I thought it would be this month, but I have not heard anything.  Then again I usually have to ask for stuff.

What have we done?  I do not recall what I wrote before and am too lazy to look back.  We changed back to a UDP stream from the TCP.  The bottleneck that was being experienced the Flexstar did not like.  We forced our Intraplex T-1 NIC (network interface card) to 10/Full on both ends.  On the managed switch we made the port feeding the Intraplex 10/Full also.  At the transmitter site we decided to take a variable out and feed from the Intraplex to the exciter directly, using a cross-over cable, and set the exciter NIC to 10/Full.  This all dropped the jitter down.  I recently became aware of someone who discovered that their DS-64NC card in the Intraplex was causing T1 issues. Once replaced they stabilized.

I have been monitoring and checking every 3 to 4 days on the diversity delay.  Still good.  Mask is great.  I feel that we have moved in the right direction.  Now of course this is a loaner exciter, so I still wonder what happened to our last exciter and what physically may have happened.  I strongly suspect that this current “loaner” will be come our “permanent”, but no word yet.

A little digging on this part sure has gone a long way.  Now we just need to close the project.  That will happen when the release of the Exgine and Flexstar application are released.

I really hope this has helped some of you out there get your boxes on track!

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