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Updates & and New Morning Show

Wow, has it been that long since I posted?  For all 3 of you who follow diligently, thanks for staying tuned.  It has been wild to say the least; if you follow my Twitter you have been up to date without details.  We started a new morning show, and what comes with a new morning show is what we all expect:  Headaches!  If only they gave us time to prepare for their arrival.  Where would the fun be in that, eh?

First surprise is that it is a talk-it-up show with 5 people.  Nice.  We have not had a talking-heads type show here in years, so we only have the basics in place.  As we are a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality here on equipment that works, we do not update it.  We’ve been caught too many times with updates that bit us in the ass.  This one was better, though we did find you can mess up the whole system briefly with a “server” crash.  Being talk, we had to integrate the Assistant Producer call screening software from Telos into the mix.  We use the 2101 system.  We found you can choose a Show/Studio combination with it such that if that combination does not exist in reality, it barfs the hub/server briefly.  A call to Telos confirmed the older software was to blame.  Time to upgrade after how many years?

After a little preparation and another call to Telos, we figured out the best procedure to upgrade the 2101 Hub and Studio I/Os to the latest and greatest;  an upgrade released 3 years ago!  I figured I would try to do each I/O via the front panel and quickly ruled that out.  Telnet is the way to go.  I have to say the update was smooth and all I/Os and Hub are up to date.  I got the latest release of the Assistant Producer software and away we went.  Well, until we discovered that we once again are able to choose a Show/Studio combination that make the AP application drop connection with the server.  At least the whole system did not go down.  As we now know the situation, we happily run AP.

As an added feature, we purchased an wireless VGA “extender” so the Assistant Producer computer in the air studio can be viewed on our 32″ LCD T.V.  With a little font enlargement and making the entries bold, it works pretty darn well.

I think I may review the microphone the talent requested time permitting.  It is a Blue Blueberry microphone.  My first impression is it sounds good, though ascetically it is a bit ugly for me and bulky.  It is paired with an Aphex 230 voice processor.  As the main microphone is a Neuman BCM-104, I find there is not much difference between the two with this guy’s voice.  Part of this is he seems to know how to work a good mic.  It turns out the Blue mic is more expensive, too.  So much for the budget!

Carry on!

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