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A Year! A Not A Review

Everyone with a blog, any columnist, and all news agencies have their “year in review” thing going.  Shoot, why do that?  After settling down on which blog app to use and where to host it, I’ve been posting for a year!  I may not have many followers.  I may not be the best writer.  I may not even know what I am talking about at times.  All I know is I am enjoying posting.

I have a twitter account and run under the name Dragonbill.  I throw out thoughts here and updates on “pressing” matters.  Tweets can be useful in our field.  I feel that engineers are not using it to their advantage.  Little posts, updates, and tips through this generates many ideas and solutions.  Give it a try.  I sure will try to find you and follow you!

I’m also surprised my employer has not sent me a cease a desist.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this occurs in 2010.  For some reason “Conflict of Interest” is a major thing in this world and is beginning to penetrate our own business of engineering more that ever before.  I come from a scientific background and have been influenced by the scientific community where ideas get shared (or used to) without issue.  Of course until the claims of whom discovered what first!  Our industry is so niche that we all pretty much use the same technology, though implemented differently via different manufacturers.  I personally like to share ideas and solutions.

If you have followed my posts, I am proud to have some accomplishments in a tough economic year.  The first two Nautel NV20’s in the U.S. is pretty cool.  I am currently evaluating the new Tieline Bridge-IT.  We managed to keep many things under control with a tight budget.  Shoot we had to commandeer $25k to upgrade air conditioning at a transmitter site due to HD!  I bet you have managed some interesting things this year, too.

Thanks to all who follow me.  Please feel to “speak up” to anything I state or mention, i.e. correct me if I’m wrong.  That’s how we learn if you haven’t figured that out.  I’ve promised I would fill in my “notes” page and failed miserably.  I am going to try to in ’10.  I am open to suggestions.

Have a good New Year!

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