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What?! Nothing Happening?

Wow,  I cannot believe I have not posted in over two weeks!  Well, yes I can.  Nothing is going on.  As my tweets have mentioned I have updated our NV20’s to Version 2.6.  Guess what, 2.7 is available.  From what I can tell I may not need 2.7 at this time as i am not experiencing the issues of which it contains.  I do not update just for the sake of updating, so on this one I will wait it out just a bit and research more on what it is supposed to do.  I am quite happy with 2.6.  No issues.  Uh, Oh, now there will be something.

Harris?  This buffer overflow thing seemed to be the issue.  I still am surprised that an HD data overflow would mute the exciter.  How can you put something on the air that is NOT critical but can cause a critical outage?  Flabbergasted is a word for that.  Hey, at least we’ve been on the air since I changed the Exgine delay setting.

DaySequerra M2.2R?  Not back yet.  Still waiting.  This better work when I get it back!

Time change.  Hopefully everyone who needs to made their changes.  When you get down to it I find it amazing how many things have clocks in them.  I also find it amazing why.  I know my processors have dayparting, but we do not use it.  Need a clock?  Not really, but we check them anyways.  Anything that logs need updating.  Now my Nautel transmitter clocks need to be checked so I can get accurate logs on any issues.  Nice feature, eh?

The super secret item mentioned in a tweet?  It is a Tieline product.  I am beta testing for a week coming up here.  I don’t think I am supposed to talk about it yet, though it is a product they demonstrated at NAB.  I am honored to be able to test something for a company.  They trust I will either like it or can find issues with it.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

That’s all folks.  I’ll keep you posted and may even write an opinion on something like HD power increase.

  1. January 8, 2011 at 07:03

    Did you ever get your M2 problem resolved? A couple of us
    purchased old demo stock M2 units and while mine was repaired under
    warranty, another one had the original seller as well as the
    purchase charged for an upgrade all within a 2 month time. Unless I
    am mistaken how can a company charge twice for a repair they were
    to have suppose to have done not two months earlier? I also noticed
    on our unit that the antenna/high level switch no longer works
    properly. Daysequerra seems to have poor customer support between
    charging for previously performed repairs multiple times and extra
    long repair turnaround time. I think I will stick with names like
    Belar whose equipment is heavy duty and whose service is superior.
    I am extremely disappointed in a company like Daysequerra that
    touts themselves as being “high end” equipment with such poor

  2. January 8, 2011 at 07:40

    Very sad news indeed. I still have issues. To hear about double charges is not good.

    Out of curiosity on the unit with the bad switch is it located in a high RF environment? With multiple stations? In addition can you open it up and see if the chassis is grounded in any way? Both units should be checked.

    I, too, will be looking into replacements at some point. If I do these will become good air monitors at the studio.

  3. January 10, 2011 at 07:22

    You are right, I will probably delegate the M2 to simple air audio monitoring and depend on better equipment for actual off-air measurements.

    One unit is already out of the seller’s hands and had been at Daysequerra twice, and double charged! I heard from the seller that the end user of that unit is not very happy with the outcome. I, for one, have reservations about sending my M2 back to Daysequerra again, between the extremely long turnaround time, no documentation on the services performed and the fact the unit is still not operating correctly, judging by the high level switches no longer working correctly. I can only imagine what else will fail or fall apart next.

    Luckily for me my unit will be used with an antenna and not at a transmitter site, but the high level switches not working takes away that ability to use it with a transmitter sample. It would be easier to bring the M2 to a shack instead of pulling my Belars or borrowing a QEI.

    All in all, Daysequerra looks like bad news! I see end users liquidating them at fire sale pricing on ebay which makes me think they are certainly dogs. No matter what the price is it appears that Daysequerra products are of questionable quality and their own service department is an epic fail when it comes to quality control.

  4. January 10, 2011 at 08:50


    Thanks for sharing. I’m in total agreement with you. If you get the time I am curious if the units you have show the same grounding/shielding issues mine have.

    Oh, ours also acts oddly at the transmitter site with proximity! And headphones act as an antenna messing up the readings.


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