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DAD Padapult & RDS via Ethernet

Working yesterday to use an alternate path for RDS data while our Moseley STL transmitter is being repaired, I decided to take advantage of our HD Ethernet connections to our various transmitter sites. The big question was how to make the Audemat FMB-80 boxes accept the data and what to tell the Padapult what to send.

Surprise, surprise, we researched the FMB-80 manual and found that it wants to see commands using UDP port this or that. OK, we tried. We tried to make the Padapult send those “commands”. We researched the Enco forums for information. Everything was not quite right. What are you people thinking, it must be easier than that!

A quick call to Audemat and I ask Tony, “what’s the easiest, simple way to do the Ethernet data feed?” Lo and behold I get the simple answer. Do not use UDP port this and that and all the fun complex stuff! Set the Padapult up to send to the IP address of the RDS box using port 23! Genius! We telnet in to service/check the FMB-80, why not use the same port to send these commands. We are also on a closed network, so security is not and issue. Set up the Padapult to send the following command: PS_Text= and fill in the stuff like [Title] by [Artist] on KZZZ and add the carriage return [013]. The carriage return is a must for the FMB-80 to interpret the “end” of the line. I add a line feed, too.

No we have the RDS information there like before. Sure we lose some of the cool things that the FMB-80 can do when it gets commands like stop scrolling the song information when the duration is complete, but we do not need that, now. You can even add the Radio_Text command this way. Simple and easy, just the way I like it.

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