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Preparing for an SDG&E Planned Outage

San Diego Gas & Electric threw a curve ball at us last week. They are replacing a power pole on a circuit that feeds our little class A simulcast site. Being a small site and no room for any on-site generator we started to prepare for this outage which is to last “up to 10 hours.”

We picked up the promotions generator and tested it out. Got some extra fuel. Now some more fun and a great electrician: We had to make sure we had the proper connections for the devices that will be used or even potentially be used. Our main transmitter has a “china man” type connection and our aux has a twist lock type connection. The generator has a 4-prong 240V plug. Our electrician whipped up a cable with the 4-prong on one end, a j-box with a couple of 120V outlets, and a tail with the “china man” plug. In addition he has a “china man” to twist lock 3-prong if we need to run the aux.

We will do a dry run on Monday to make sure we are not missing anything. Along with this a couple of extension cords to run peripherals and we should be good.

Nothing like being prepared and having a good team to jump on it early,l especially when I was busy with other projects. At this stage I think we are ready to keep the site up and running.

Now is AT&T going to keep the T-1 active or are we flying on the backup/emergency feed to the site?

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