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So, What Do You Think? HD Radio Dead Out of Box?

Insignia’s portable player unlikely to boost HD Radio’s popularity – Los Angeles Times

Seems to me we are reading the same complaints/issues that even some engineers in the field talk about.  I know we are working on the IBOC power increase, but will it be enough to receive INDOORS?  Will an external antenna be required on all devices.  By the way, the article is a review of the new Insignia radio that the industry is talking about.  The next item that I find interesting is right at the beginning:  The ear buds are inferior.  Figured that was coming.  Also note the quote used from the iBiquity website.  I need to check on that one! 

From the broadcasters standpoint and the inception of PPM, how will a monitor pickup what the listener is hearing if they are wearing headphones or ear buds?  This same question arises for those iPods and iPhones.  Hype the apps all you want, people are using headphones and you will not get ratings.  A minus for the PPM technology?

What do you think?  

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