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Moseley SL9003T1 Surprise

I had a rude awakening on Friday night/Saturday morning. No audio on air. I got them up on the backup STL and came on in. As we run T1’s for our main STL’s I suspected that our friends at AT&T had more issues with their infrastructure which is more common that not. When I entered the TOC I was shocked to see one of our Moseley SL9003T1 units dark. After all these years one of these beasts went bad? I checked the back and the power supply was registering one LED and the other was blinking erratically along with a weird clicking sound. Bad power supply.

I contacted the emergency tech and asked one very important question, “Can I use a power supply from a spare SL9003Q (aural STL) receiver?” The immediate, unwavering answer, “By all means.” Even the much older unit’s power supply was good to go. I traveled to the transmitter site and raided the power supply out of the spare unit and ran back to the studio. Dropped it in and we were back in business.

Though the old power supply looked less impressive that the new ones found in the T1 unit, it works like a champ. When Moseley is open I will order a replacement and a spare. Looks like it will not hurt to have on on the shelf.

And that is how my Fourth of July started! My Third of July was an air conditioning failure at the transmitter site.

BTW, I’m still working on updating the Equipment Notes page.

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