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When Motivation Fades

Have you gone through a phase where all your motivation to work begins to fade? Seems to come and go, so I call it a phase. Some phases are deeper than others, too.

In this phase it seems a number of items are contributing. One is the feeling of “I can do more.” This one is silly as the economy prevents us from spending and at the same time makes us more creative. Dealing with this one is easy. Another item is the lack of cooperation I see within the facility. It makes me wonder why we even bother. Even those on the same staff just do not get it and all communications are lost. When you see their supervisor not make any effort to correct or follow through, it just gets worse. Moral drops. Again, I do my part on the technical side, but I’ve been pressured not to interfere with the “other” stuff. Crazy. In all, these still lead to my lack of motivation.

On the other side the warm weather and and all makes it more difficult to concentrate. This is common for many. If you have vacation time, take that Friday off or even do a half day. This helps. I know. Some I know take a Monday off occasionally. I have not tried that route yet, but it sure seems like a good idea, too. Another thing that works for me is to focus on something that is different than the norm. Learn or catchup on something different. Break the cycle by doing something else.

As broadcast engineers we have many hats to wear which works to our advantage, so put on another one and leave the mundane behind for a week. Stir it up.

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