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New Tube for the HTHD+

In the last couple of weeks I had an interesting series of events with the Harris HTHD+ transmitter. I was out there with my assistant a couple of weeks prior to these events and I made a comment that we should consider replacing the tube some time this year. Of course I was thinking conventional wisdom when it comes to tubes and I figured a couple of months before the actual replacement.

Well, the bottom line I was wrong. Here is the events that occurred. If you saw my tweet on Memorial Day, I experienced an IPA overload on the rig. I visited the site and checked everything. All looked good, even the readings. I had the transmitter back on in about an hour. I visited the site the following day to verify all readings and make sure I did not miss anything. All good again. I decided to purchase the tube and have it on site ready to go for a routine replacement.

Friday morning, 2:30am, I get the remote control call. The rig is off again. Off to the site and sure enough the IPA was indicating overload again. Well, I suspected that this soft tube may be the issue. As protocol, I called Harris tech support and discussed the situation. I had cleaned and checked all the internals for obvious issues. We both agreed that the tube could be the cause. Plus, for the HD rig we were pushing 2 1/2 years on the tube!

With luck, I tracked down our UPS delivery dude as he was making a delivery across the way. The tube was on board, so I signed for it and off to the site. Talk about timing. I performed the installation and tweaked the transmitter up. We were back in business. The end of last week I began my filament management and backed off a bit. All is still looking good.

We are coming up on two weeks after the first occurrence. After the tube replacement we have not experienced the IPA overload. In our case apparently a soft tube caused IPA overloads to occur. The story has been relayed to another in Harris. Interest has been piqued. I must note this is an early HDHT+ transmitter, so we may see some oddities. I intend to talk with Harris and compare notes.

Once again, do not rule out anything when tackling a problem. Eliminate the items not causing the issues and narrow it down to the specific item. In this case, the tube. Another learning experience completed.

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