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Piles of Little Things

Wow. Crazy busy at home with the little one and family duties and I check to see that I have not posted anything new except for some tweets. I’ll do 2 posts, one with the list and one little rant.

Nautel Update: NV20 still running well. New version 1.3 is out for the transmitters and I must admit I have not installed it. I think I will wait until things settle down just a bit.

Daysequerra: Confirmed they are still working on the M2.2R RFI issue. I am just happy they are willing to work on this and I look forward to the results.

Harris: Seems we are stuck in the water right now. See the next post.

Enco: Same as Harris. They are the stars of the next post.

Did some interesting packet sniffing on our “transmitter” network. Amazing what traffic is generated with so little items that should not be talking at the time. Thank you Microsoft (Importers).

All the little things are keeping us busy. It’s the cleanup I mentioned in previous posts. I have to review the public files and prepare one for transfer pending a sale. We want to improve our Issues & Programs file and make it better. Ours is quite detailed and should be streamlined. I am also looking at a system of storing all transmitter logs electronically which will be a scanning routine to start.

We are also entering the remote broadcast season. This keeps us busy with morning show broadcasts and busy weekends for concerts and events. This is where being understaffed becomes a challenge. we will keep at it until it is all done.

Keep on keeping on!

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