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M2.2R by Daysequerra

I do not spend all my time breaking transmitters. I discovered a little problem with the Daysequerra M2.2R Modulation Monitor. At our transmitter site we could not get a decent read on anything. We observed up to 4 bars of RF on the level meter with ALL inputs terminated. Yes, that is correct, nothing but the power cord was plugged in. WTF, you would ask.

After describing the issue with the company, I tried all suggestions. I tried stuff like running on a UPS only. I even brought one unit back to the shop. That one worked a bit better in the shop, but I still had my doubts. I expected a couple of new boxes to try after I returned from vacation to find nothing. A quick email was shot off to Day.

I get a call which confirmed I was not going crazy and that Daysequerra was able to duplicate the problem. Looks like I found a little issue with the receiver board. In an high RF environment with many HD stations, the receivers were overly sensitive. I little issue that should be resolved here shortly and we will have some working boxes.

As always I do not fill you in on all the details until everything is complete resolved. I started to think I made a bad choice on purchasing these boxes though I have two working just fine at two other sites. If the fix works I will post and let you know if these do what I expect them to do: Modulation Monitor, SCA injection measurements, MPX output, and the other basics.

Just a note that I still await the repair on my monitors. The last I heard was the PCB manufacturer was behind on delivering the fix. Until the fix is tested I cannot comment on anything. I hate waiting.

I still wait for our box to come back with new guts.  Can you say the longest service in the history of radio?  Anyone else with a long repair tail?  The last I heard our DOE talked at NAB about our specific box.  No answer yet.  Hello?  Customer service, please.

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