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92kHz subcarriers and HD

February 1, 2009

Has anyone run into issues with 92kHz subcarriers and HD? Seems that when I turn on our HD carrier our 92kHz subcarrier client complains of noise or static. It is a crackly type sound from what I hear over the phone. It goes away when the HD carriers are off.

My initial feeling is the radios used to receive the subcarrier are sub-par and do not do well with the additional carriers turned on. We do not have that issue on another station with a 67kHz client.

As always I am interested in your thoughts and opinions. I will post any of my findings.

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  1. February 9, 2009 at 08:43

    Sounds like you need to talk to John Kean at NPR Labs, who has tested and quantified this issue. It is indeed the receiver, but SCA receivers are not designed for such a close adjacent digital signal.

    I’m researching further on main-channel effects of the adjacent digital channel interference myself, though NPR Labs seems to have covered most of the bases already. Car radios can handle it better than home radios because they filter better, in general. See the DRCIA paper and his NAB BEC Proceedings papers for more info.

    Thomas Shanks
    Chief Engineer
    WREK Atlanta, Georgia Tech Student Radio

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