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And on the other side, we had to do some network modifications while we installed the HD for the Nautels and other two stations. The bottom line is we had to configure our switches to a managed mode and take down the HD data streams to do this. The Nautel gear came back without much issue when all was done. The Flexstar did not fair as well. As it was late in the day we decided to let the HD slide until today.

What did we find: This morning I was told to listen closely to the station. I confirmed an audible tone in the audio. Before heading to the site, I confirmed that the HD stream did not recover on its own. I was able to ping the exciter. Questions popped into my head. I can ping the box, so network connectivity was good, but no stream. Interesting. Once at the site I noticed the red LED on the Flexstar indicating that something was not right with the data. We switched to the backup transmitter and confirmed the tone went away. It did. The Flexstar had degraded to the point it was generating some sort of intermodulation tone.

I rebooted the Flexstar by cycling the power. After boot, it came up and all looked good. After placing it back on the air, the tone was gone and the analog audio was good again. Very interesting. As you may guess, I am going to send a note to Harris regarding this.

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