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new tower and hot

This week we completed the move of 1240 and 1040 to the new tower. The match is not too bad considering the oddball height of 445 feet.
I guess that is what happens when you get two parties not thinking.
I must say it was hard work and fun. Next we remove the remains of the old tower and do our final measurements. Then the stupid city gets their fencing (iron not chain link) and an easement that will separate the transmitter building and tower. Quite nuts on all fronts.

Till next time!

Did I mention the fact that I must lower a whip antenna as it was not caught in the designs by a certain unnamed individual. Oh, and the skirt wires are located such that it is impossible for climbers to get up the tower without shutting down the AM stations. Oh, and the mount for the T.V. tenant needs to be moved. It’s placed within the skirt wires. Can you say arcing? I new you could! At least there is no antenna yet! I’m moving that mount to the 250 foot level.

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